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This is what you need:

  1. the Energy Output in kWh of the Biomeiler you need - check here - Required Size.
  2. the dimension of the biomeiler according to energy output and the space you have available - check here - Size your Biomeiler or send us your specification and we work it out for you.
  3. Order your green wood chips locally to get the best price.
  4. We are building up a database of wood chips suppliers - your are welcome to add the details of the supplier/s you find - just send us the details.
  5. Order a package with all the components you need for the technical side of things.
  6. Order some parts that will make life easier locally - like these.
  7. Prepare the area to build the biomeiler - instructions are here.
  8. Lay the connection pipes to the point where you will join into your central heating system.
  9. Prepare the connection to your central heating system. You should use a heat exchanger to separate the water of the central heating system from the biomeiler circulation. Make sure your connection to the central heating is protected against frost.
  10. Install the controls of your system.
  11. On delivery of the wood chips you can start.

Plan the Construction

  1. You have the options to do it yourself or to get someone to build it for you or you can organise a workshop to get someone from us and others interested in alternative energies to help.
  2. You will need a good part of weekend to the work. A professional constructor will need a day or two depending on the ground work required. Plus you will need the time to link the biomeiler to your central heating time. If you have a specialist for this all can be done in the same 1-2 days.
  3. You can make the connection to the central heating at any time before you are constructing the biomeiler.
  4. Laying the insulated district heating pipe to the biomeiler in the ground or above can also be done before constructing the biomeiler.
  5. A biomeiler will be operational for 10-18 months depending on the location, the exploitation and the type of wood chips. After 10-18 months not all material will be composted, but the energy output drops below the amount you will need. So, finding the right time to build it and to replace it is important.
  6. The best time to construct the biomeiler is when green wood chips are easily available. This may be in winter if people follow the traditional way of cutting wood when tree have the lowest or no growth at all. Though, wood chips might be available throughout the year as people may cut trees and bushes as they overshadow their garden or roads, etc.
  7. Building a biomeiler in winter is not necessarily the best thing as you would have no energy for a few days; autumn seems to be much better. Spring would be okay, but you would generate a lot of energy at a time when you do not really need it for heating your house.
  8. Autumn seems to be a good time considering that the biomeiler will generate most heat from the start and will reduce its output towards the end of the composting process. If you build your biomeiler in September your will have a good run on the energy out put through the winter and into June (10 months). With less heat needed during the summer you will then be able to get ready for to replace the heap in August / September again.
  9. The details of constructing a biomeiler are here - Constructing your Biomeiler.
  10. Do send us your photos and tell us about your experiences, ideas and little tricks your picked up during your construction process - or publish them directly to our forum - here. Building biomeilers is an active and evolving process. We will update these pages as we get your feed-back.


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