Watering of completed BiomeilerBiomeiler

The Biomeiler is based on the method first developed by Jean Pain in France in the 1980s.
He piled up wood chips, added plastic pipes to circulate water and extracted sufficient hot water to heat a house and run the hot water supplies for a whole year. Hard to believe? Well, just touch a pile of grass cuttings after while or a compost heap. To make this method work reliably there is a little more to it and we have brought together experience, examples and products to provide all the details you need to build your own DIY Biomeiler or to have one made for you.
Currently we are focusing in the UK on the promotion of Biomeilers because they are providing a serious alternative to making you independent from gas and other heating energies. They are simple systems cutting the cost of your heating bill quickly. - More details are on our Biomeiler page. Biomeilers are a from of so called "Compost Heatings".


Biomeiler / Compost Heating: DIY information

  • What ever you need to do it yourself
  • bill of material, BOM
  • how to set up, step by step, detailed information
  • product explanation
  • side products you will need
 The offerings
Q&A detailed information, revised version 2012
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Bill of material, detailed 
Material Stückliste, individuell für Sie zusammengestellt, bitte genaue Angaben der Stellfläche und Höhe, ob rund oder Eckig und welche Bauart Sie bevorzugen:
1.)     Jean Pain classic ohne Umrandung frei aufgeschichtet und frei verlegtes Rohr ohne Baustahlmatten Fixierung
2.)     Umrandung mit Baustahlmatten und Rohr auf Baustahlmatten fixiert
3.)     Umrandung mit Doppelstegmatten, Fixierung auf Baustahlmatten
1 – 2 Seiten DIN A4, als PDF versendet
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Aufbauanleitung mit vielen brauchbaren Tipps, z.B. auch für eine preiswerte Variante der Fernwärmeleitung vom Haus zum Biomeiler und vieles mehr ...............
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Workshop bei Ihnen am Ort, Seminar und gemeinsamer Aufbau, Seminarleiter Gebühr, Reisekosten und Übernachtung
3 Std Seminar, ca. 8 Std Begleitung des Aufbaus
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You may think "Biogas" is only something for a farm, a sewage plant or some semi-industrial process. In fact in many countries domestic bio gas production is common place, have a look at China, Indonesia and India to name a few. Jean Pain also showed us some 30 years ago how to collect and use Biogas. While his method was effective, it would not quite work for everyone in piling up old truck tyre tubes. With a little more work to adapt the principals to Europe we have assembled the components Wikipedia, Simple sketch of household biogas plant that would allow you to build your own system.
To find out more have a look at our Biogas page where you can find details such as biogas-powered generators.

Solar Energy

The active solar energy systems for domestic and small commercial use produce hot water and electricity. Again hot water production is more efficient than making electricity. We need both and if we can become more independent at reasonable cost while also reducing our CO2 footprint we are making valuable contributions. Naturally such contributions will only be valuable if we also cut our overall use of electricity especially.

Solar-Panels, SpainWe have solar water heating (SWH) and photovoltaic systems.

Our solar water heating (SWH) panels are highly efficient and will provide a good alternative to cut your heating bill and cut CO2 emissions even around the UK with an average of 1340 sun hours (30% of total sun hours p.a.).
In the UK photovoltaic systems are best used to support other e-generation systems such as wind, biogas, supplementing grid power or local generation. Photovoltaic systems will also be efficient to provide power in remote, unattended locations / applications.

Training & Consulting

We organise Workshops and Seminars across the UK helping those interested in DIY projects to build their own heating and power generation systems. You are also welcome to join workshops and seminars  in other countries where we work. Just have a look at our Calendar or the Events page to find a workshop interesting and well located for you.
Our experts are also available to advise you on your projects towards independent energy supplies.

Distribution & certified Partners

We sell our products online and we are extending our network of certified partners to deliver, install and maintain the energy systems of your need.
Our product range extends as new, reliable products come to market and we would be very interested in getting your feedback on your experience with your systems from the small detail to the big picture. We are happy to include your system in our example list. You may also publish your ideas and views in our forum.

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