Constructing your Biomeiler

  1. The base for the biomeiler has to be ready - membrane and underlay in place, edge to collect drained water & collection butt in place.
  2. Start to spread out wood chips up to 700mm high (2 feet 4") and compress the wood chips well by stamping them down.
  3. Prepare the first coil. We recommend to use a reinforcement mesh to lay out the pipe and to fix it with cable ties or similar. Test the pipe is tight with a pressure test.
  4. Install the first coil. You may want to add long ropes or belts to the mesh to be able to pull / lift each coil out on rebuilding the biomeiler.
  5. Add the next layers of wood chips, compress them as before and install the coils.
  6. Now connect up the coils to the connection pipes that are leading to the heat exchanger. Fill the system with water and test the pressure. You may need to add frost protection to the water.
  7. Test the circulation briefly. you need to do the next step before you can switch on the circulation pump for good.
  8. Start watering the biomeiler for 3 days or until the internal temperature reaches around 50°C. You may do this with a hose several times a day or you could use a irrigation system with a fine spray. In any case you should start by adding water and then use the drain water collected in the sump butt with a garden / submerged pump. Ideally the pump should have level switch in the sump butt and work automatically. You just need to add some water from time to time.
  9. Once the biomeiler has started the composting process there is little more you have to do.
  10. We recommend to build a roof over the biomeiler to protect it from a washing-out of the bacteria in long (constant) or heavy rain.
  11. Now start up your system and adjust the controls to the settings that work for you.







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