Biomeiler in back yard and posible problem with smell

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Hy, my name iz Zeljko and I write to you from Croatia. I must say that this is one of the best natural solution for heating that I found. But I have one big question for you so I do not need to test my self. I'm planing to create Biomeiler in back yard of my house which is 10m wide and the main problem is that I have neigbours on the left and right side of the house and back yard. The house that I'm planing to heat with Biomeiler is very big about (150 m2) so the Biomeiler also will not be very small. My main question is about possible problem with smell that will come from Biomeiler because I do not now how much the Biomeiler shold be distant from the neighbors houses and backyard so that they do not complain about smell that come from Biomeiler? If the Biomeiler have bad smell is it maybe possible solution to make him in closed place like garage (I now that you said in your text that the best solution is open space around Biomeiler) but would that help to comprimise broblem with smell and how will that efect on the Biomeiler? I have also lots and lots of question for you and I will be glad to write them to you on your forum, but I can not start to think about building Biomeiler in my back yard until I found the answer on the questions above. Thanks in advance, Zeljko

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